Therapeutic Movement

Since death is defined as being  inanimate, or NOT being in motion, life can be defined as being in motion.

Find the ease in your body with prescribed gentle motion. Learn to move freely and eliminate pain. And, as an added benefit, create the quartet of happy brain chemicals to keep you wanting to move!


Brain Training

Change your brain to change your mind and body.

Improve posture, regulate your emotions, and end limiting beliefs using your brain's ability to change. Create permanent positive change using the process of neuroplasticity.


Gentle Touch

As social animals, touch is vital to humans.

Release tension in your body and your mind with focused gentle touch and intention. Allow the natural process of trauma resolution to free you from the symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety, and to resolve chronic pain.

Nervous System Basics and the Trauma Response (in 4 minutes)

Understand the trauma response and how it affects your nervous system.

The techniques used in Somatic Release and Mindful Motion can help you resolve trauma.