gentle touch

BASE (Bodywork and Somatic Education)

The first sense we develop in the womb is our sense of touch. We feel the sensations of warmth and flow in the amniotic fluid. Gentle touch brings us back to these feelings of safety and when we feel safe, we can allow our body to heal itself, release old emotions, and change patterns of constriction in our tissues and organs.  

If you are within 90 miles of San Francisco, CA, you can receive hands-on sessions from Pamela using the BASE technique and other touch modalities. BASE is a trauma-informed, physiologically-founded touch technique that helps discover places in your body where there is constriction and/or a sense of disconnect. Using gentle awareness through touch and the process of neuroplasticity, you will find the ease and flow in your body and mind.  

Somatic Release, through BASE and other touch techniques, eliminates pain, anxiety and depression  and the symptoms of PTSD and trauma. And, you will learn touch techniques you can use yourself to maintain a sense of safety in your body and mind.