Brain training


New research reveals that we can change our brain through the process of neuroplasticity. As new neural pathways are created, old patterns disappear. And, as constrictions in the body from life experiences are released, new brain cells are manufactured and our capacity for cognition, emotion regulation and memory increase.  

Our brain is wired to find problems. This aids in our survival, as we use this information to prevent injury and avoid danger. But, if the negatives outweigh the positives, we can get stuck in a stress response with its negative emotional state. Resilience to stress comes about through creating new pathways of feeling good. Somatic Release helps you find ease and flow in your body and mind, and using your brain's power to change itself, you create new positive neural pathways.

Find the good feelings in your body and use them to create new neural pathways. Eliminate limiting beliefs and negative self-talk easily and permanently. Regulate emotions by slowing down your reactions to what life brings you.