Creator and Founder, PAMELA STOKES


With a background in trauma-informed healing arts, biology, movement, and music, Pamela has created Somatic Release to help you heal deeply, yet gently. And, using the fundamentals of Somatic Release, she has designed Mindful Motion, a trauma-informed, mindfulness-through-movement program for individuals and groups.


"Pamela uses Somatic Release to help facilitate the psychotherapeutic process and get it moving along. Most especially with clients who have had significant trauma."

Sabrina Hinojosa, LMFT 


With her caring, focused attention, and abiding curiosity, Pamela guides your body and mind to find optimal wellness.

"Pamela's presence during the session is highly attuned and compassionate which has made it easy for me to trust her and to fully open up to the process. Pamela is a truly gifted healer and I cannot recommend working with her enough, around all kinds of ailments and issues, ranging from physical pain to anxiety and depression as well as PTSD symptoms."   

M. Atkinson


With over 30 years of teaching experience, Pamela is a compassionate and supportive educator. She brings her joy of teaching to every presentation.

"Pamela's presence elicits a listening in the whole body. She is not only skilled at speaking with clarity and right pacing for a layperson, but also communicating energetically as well."  

L. Mansfield